I am a photographer, graphic designer, and illustrator. My latest projects involve studying simple imagery through use of basic space and complex objects. I am constantly on the lookout for new and refreshing ways to view our world through the lenses of my cameras. Being an artist gives me the confidence to gain perspective on ways to view my subjects and surroundings with a creative vision in mind.

My university years include studies in commercial art, photography, and design. Over a decade of design work, includes self owned graphic design and sign companies, illustration work, employment with national and international magazine publications as well as freelance design.

Currently, I am based in the upper mid west, where I work locally as a art director for a multi-platform corporation. My work structure includes developing concept and design of advertising campaigns, including print publication, web, photography, billboards, and illustration.

The most rewarding part of photography is being able to share my talents in creating the visual memories of special moments that will last a lifetime.